Today we're stoked to share Glacier Veins' new music video for their song "Grows Back Slow", premiering exclusively with The Alternative! Check it out below and then bop the rest of Dreamspace here.

The video was filmed last fall on the coast of Oregon by Ryan Sheehy of SheehyTV and is a look inside Endres’ personal connection to the various natural landscapes of Portland where she grew up. 

There’s that feeling you get when you give so much of yourself to someone or something and it doesn’t work out; you feel empty or like you lost a part of yourself. ‘Grows Back Slow’ is about knowing that feeling is only temporary and understanding that it may take time to heal but you will feel complete again. It can be a long, difficult process, but at the same time, there are so many possibilities for how you can improve yourself and grow in that process.

We wanted to film in a forest to go along with this idea of growth and also explore a contrasting setting on the coast. Trees, flowers, the ocean. I think they’re all a simple yet powerful metaphor for the emotions that go along with the process of healing; natural heavy feelings that lead to growth.
— Malia Endres, Vocalist

Glacier Veins is a dream punk band from Portland, OR. It began as the solo project and dream of vocalist/guitarist and songwriter, Malia Endres, in 2015 and has grown to incorporate more friends and musicians in that dream. With Tyler Groce on drums and Kyle Woodrow on bass, the trio brings a passionate performance full of energy. In 2016 Glacier Veins released their debut EP 'Clear Your Head', which emphasizes emotion in their music and lyrics. The band earned a spot on the Portland date of Warped Tour in 2016 and played Treefort Fest in Boise, ID in 2017.  Their second EP 'Dreamspace', out Fall 2017 via Common Ground Records, connects with the band's mindset of always dreaming and creating tangibility.

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