Something More - Dogs Pt. II CD

CommonGround-MIACONTE-98 (1).jpg
CommonGround-MIACONTE-98 (1).jpg

Something More - Dogs Pt. II CD


Release date: April 14, 2017

The puppers strike back in Something More's brand new deluxe version of Dogs, including 3 acoustic tracks and their latest single "It's Not About You Pt. II" ft. Tillie.


  1. Quarter Buy In(tro)
  2. Talk In Circles
  3. It's Not About You Pt. II ft. Tillie
  4. All My Best Friends Are Dogs
  5. Keep The Heat Low
  6. Maybe It's Just Me
  7. Distance & Space
  8. Keep It Going, Never Stop
  9. It's Not About You
  10. Talk In Circles (Acoustic)
  11. Distance & Space (Acoustic)
  12. Keep The Heat Low (Acoustic)

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